Cash Pay Options


For patients who do not have health insurance or whose insurance is out-of-network with Dr. Rhodes, affordable prices are offered.

Please see the menu below for cash pay options:

  • $200 new patient-in person visit (well woman exam or Gynecology consultation)
  • $175 new patient-virtual visit (Gynecology consultation)
  • $150 established patient-well woman exam
  • $75 established patient-follow up visit (in person or virtual)
  • $25 Depo Provera injection
  • $200 office procedures (colposcopy, vulvar biopsy, I&D of Bartholin cyst, EMB)
  • $150 insertion of IUD or Nexplanon
  • $75 removal of IUD or Nexplanon
  • $800 LEEP
  • $800 hysteroscopy (D&C, ablation, polyp removal, fibroid removal)
  • $1200 laparoscopy (ablation of endometriosis, sterilization, ovarian cyst removal, fibroid removal)
  • $2000 hysterectomy (includes pre-op & post-op care)

Payment is due at the time of service and price does not include the cost of ancillary services such as Pap, lab tests or imaging studies. The price for an IUD or Nexplanon insertion does not include the cost of the device. Surgery and office procedure prices do not include the costs of anesthesia, lab tests, pathology charges or facility fees.

Dr. Rhodes and her staff make every effort to prescribe medications and order tests which are affordable for our patients.